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Ashe County Police Scanner


Radio Scanner Player 1 uses Windows Jukebox to play. Upon clicking the link below, The Scanner feed will auto-start in a small pop-up window. This allows you minimize the pop-up and surf the internet while listening to the live scanner audio. Unfortunately, Not all browsers support this player. To find out if Ashe Scanner Radio Scanner 1 works for you - Click the following link: 


Click To Start the Automated Scanner





Ashe County NC Police Scanner Listen live


If the Radio Scanner Player 1 didn't work for you, You can try Ashe Scanner Radio Player 2. This will open a small popup window which will allow you to minimize and surf the internet. To find out if this scanner works.


Click here to open Ashe Scanner II



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Please Note, In order to play either of the above scanners online, you must have your pop-up blocker, Turned Off. Each link will allow a small pop-up window to appear. This allows you the ability to navigate our site or other site, while listening to the scanner. In addition, Don't forget to turn on your computer speakers and adjust the volume.



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